For some weird reason (i guess because of golden???) I thought it was going to be for the vita!

Gonna main Chie yooooooo hope everyone’s ready to face the TRIAL OF THE DRAGON!!

I though so too ;O;
Consoles mean more people to play with though :DD

I agree, though the Vita is pretty sleek and works really well for fighters.

P3 is my favorite ;w;
You will definitely enjoy it :DD 

Xbox for sure ;o;
What’s your gamertag? :D
I just recently got one, mines “thatkidstrider”. 

I’ve never handled a Vita before!!! :o A few friends of mine have it, but the only reason I’d get one is P4 golden really ;m; And I’m sure I will!! I’ve heard so much about P3, I’m really excited!

My gamer tag should be “Doriosaur”! Next time I log in I’ll add you if you haven’t added me already :3